Dragon is considered a symbol of luck in the lucky symbol. As one of the sacred animals and a symbol of Feng Shui, the dragon symbolizes a fresh start.


Dragon Town in the east, where the sun rises and where the spring rains begin. Dragon is the symbol of rain, bring water to the land.

So the dragon symbolizes good fresh water, meaning the symbol of fortune, the dragon itself is a symbol of success, knowledge, wisdom and prosperity.

The symbol of the dragon is a symbol of luck, success and prosperity. Entrepreneurs often used the dragon symbol in the logo of the company to be large and long-term success.

Many businesses have benefited from the use of symbols to generate gas dragon universe. It is also fortunate to bring gas to the house with good feng shui conditions.

Should put the dragon symbol in any position in the house?

Should put the dragon symbol in any position in the house? Put pictures of dragons left on the desk, in the living room, from the front of the house overlooks. According to Feng Shui, the dragon will bring benefits in wherever it is displayed.

But to ensure harmony with the five elements, should be placed in the same direction as the dragon East, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest.

Do not forget that the size of the dragon is not too large because like he’ll lose energy balance of the house. Dragon is too small will not work. It is best green car width or made of green gems.

Dragon made of pearls or very expensive gems. Dragon carved on wood is also effective but not as strong as natural stone. Put in place a dragon eye level. Do not place too high dragon in the position, as this dragon will be beyond control.