How clean the feng shui items when you just bought?

1.When you first buy Feng Shui stone to use, you should also wash these items by air feng shui white wine or cleaned, cleared conducted before use.
2. A material object with good feng shui, you can use a long year. However, at the end of a year, you should also air hygiene items to add more renewable energy sources, to welcome a new year more perfect.
3. If you feel this feng shui items accumulated negative energy, then immediately you should clean it immediately so it has always been fortunate to attract animals to your fortune.

rose quartz sphere

Energize for long days feng shui items

To energize for your items such as Custom retirement feng shui , thiềm thừ feng shui , you can use sunlight or moonlight, depending under items that belong to the energy needed to add as negative, or positive.
You can do that by keeping a water tank under the moon or under the sun for at least 24 hours (72 hours best), and then you use it to remove the bad energy for animals your product.
Salt brine is made from the best natural. Coarse sea salt or rock salt is best, mountains. Do not use artificial salt. Salt can be dissolved in water, or you can rub coarse sea salt over all the items to be cleaned.
Another way is after you cleaned you bring to church or temple for at least 6-9 hours, this is cleaning its bad energy.
Salt is known for its cleansing properties are a lot of things, but there are items that you can not use it to rub salt, instead you make peace with salt water saltwater brine and use it to do clean the surface of the items, there is also another way.
For feng shui rocks, you can use the above methods: the sun, the moon, or incense and candles or salt. You can also soak items in the salt for 3 days, this will have a very good cleaning effect.

depending retirement feng shui

For methodology articles feng shui is part of your home or office, such as decorative as the lights high, artwork, sculptures, etc., then the additional space (smudging & amp; flavor) is best, and move them to a new temporary location.
The best time to clean up bad energy:
Duration 3 days (72 hours) is the typical time to use and allows clean gas plants feng shui; you can also use the period of 7 days (168 hours) if needed.

Important note never begin the process of cleaning items thuy room at night.

Begin the process of cleaning your animals feng shui air time during the day when energy is at its highest peak (từ 11:00 đến 1:00).And other items such as jewelry quartz bracelet
, depending retirement neck, Buddha pendant light wipe with a towel just to use !