The use of quartzthạch anh 

Characteristics of natural quartz stone has a very strong positive atmosphere, because undergone several million years of formation, quartz attracted powerful positive energy, can bring good luck in life and work, fight the impact of bad energy.
Family Peace – Campaign Finance Easy: Shuttlecock quartz The quartz Quartz large cylindrical shapes
Family peace – Easy Campaign finance:
Quartz Stone bridges or large blocks of cylindrical quartz or quartz head lamps placed in the corner.
Effect: Communication Engineering from the school, not the average home security protection, but also helps avoid wrong air circulation in the house brings good luck.
Deodorant: toilet door hanging quartz or quartz can put the unclean air.
Incubus phenomenon: Areas under the bed or beds should be a cornerstone Sunstone cylindrical or any of their products Sunstone can be diffused out incubus subject.
Where trade: At the sales counter located Amethyst blush or color enhancement of conditions and conditions of sale.
Bridge financing: Using a crystal or quartz Battle gold losses for financial
Improved sentiment, tightening of conditions: use quartz bracelet or glass headboard blush book work reconciling love between friends, relatives, improve relationships couple


Đá Thạch anh cải thiện phong thủy và tích tài khí

Place the glass in the dynamic work of the monitoring pulse, in addition to the volume of rich, integrated and fortune, vigor increased aid multiples of a certain area according to Feng Shui art. For example, Black Tourmaline, often used to townships where the door slid gas purification before entering the house, Clear Quartz used in the living room to increase the hexagram, aristocratic and joy (Air gas resources), Rose Quartz increase gas problems Love’s power sector, used to attack financial Citrine, Amethyst ( amethyst ) for Buddhist altars, Lord, so that children and grandchildren grandparents glory, eternal wealth …
Houses are not directed
Facing the entrance is a road, or the position of the L-shaped corner of a house with large trees or power poles should be hung before the doors a wind bell quartz stone under their direction or corner doors set up Amethyst can plague.
Trach town, avoid evil, prosperity has just released:
Fortune in the corner office, company or indoors if set up quartz or quartz cylindrical effect trạch town – plague – killing block, help you to thrive, prosper.
Reducing waves emanating from television, computers, microwave
Besides TVs, computers, microwaves, set a quartz sphere white color effect to reduce radiation emitted, avoid affecting human health.

To enhance intellectual development and a stable mental state
Put or wearing quartz pendant or amethyst stones on your desk or nightstand help you develop wisdom and improve vision.