Pearls, or precious and semiprecious stones some, is the origin of rare minerals from natural or artificial aesthetic value; vibrant colors and uniform, purity and stability; ability refractive and reflective strong; certain hardness and most corrosion resistant. Jade can be applied in many industries, but the primary use is best known for decorating and jewelry, especially jewelry.

But in reality almost no one localized between the two concepts “pearl” and “gem”. It is still more or less recognize the significance of the name “Pearl” expression characteristics of a specific object should more often associated with a certain gemstones (such as emerald jade, turquoise, ruby, topaz, Sapphire); and “gem” has broader meaning and a more general (eg the concept of ‘wedding rings with gems “often just a group of wedding rings mounted rubies, turquoise, emerald distinguish with wedding rings wedding rings with diamonds and plain milling etc.). In another aspect, “gem” in association with the natural products have not yet been processed, and “pearl” is understood as the rare mineral has been manipulated, honed finished that the