Betting strategy for a strong-willed victory

A popular strategy in betting parimatch android app download is on a strong-willed victory of the favorite in a soccer match. If the leading team, the champion, meets with an outsider, the underdog – the odds on the former are minimal and rarely quoted above the value of 1.2-1.3. It happens that the favorite team misses first. Quotes increase to numbers 1.6-1.9. The situation is favorable for betting with higher odds, but adds risk.

Bet on the willful victory in live is worth making when the leader at the beginning of the meeting misses a goal, which did not follow the logic of the game. Watch the statistics of possession, shots, dangerous attacks. If the advantage is on the side of the favorite, the probability of a volitional victory is high.

Several factors should be taken into account in the strategy of betting on a strong-willed victory:

  • The favorite is motivated to win and no other outcome the team is not satisfied with. Especially if the tournament means a lot to the club – whether it is a cup game or a match for a place in the championship;
  • A principal game or derby is a meeting of teams from the same city. Also the sides may burn with revengeful sentiments;
  • A game in a home arena. At home, fans fervently support and drive the home team forward, especially if the team is losing. This encourages the players to perform small feats. In such cases, the chances of a home win increase;
  • Statistics and current state. Watch the form of the team leaders, the absence of key players or the physical and mental condition of the team. The current series of games, change of coach, management, players, discord in the team and other factors. This should be taken into account when choosing a bet;
  • Analysis of the team by volitional victories. Some teams fight to the last minute, and players give their all in every match. There are also opposing clubs in character, which are often unable to hold on to the winning outcome until the end of the meeting.

The pitfalls

Betting on a win at will is risky. If the favorite loses by a couple of goals in the end of the meeting, it is not worth wagering on a win, because the team simply does not have enough time to recoup. It is not worth choosing a bet in lower soccer divisions, as matches in such may be of a contractual nature.

Games against defensive teams often do not end in a win for the favorite. The underdogs “put the bus” and do not allow the favorite to score. We shouldn’t forget about possible penalties, because it’s hard to win a game when you’re outnumbered. Add to that the likelihood of a penalty kick. With the advent of VAR, this phenomenon occurs much more often.