“I agreed to marry me?” This is saying that any girl would love to get from his men. Time men decided to tell this to my daughter, that moment marked the good and the best ending for a love affair.

Nhẫn đính hôn, Nhẫn cầu hôn

A romantic proposal scenarios shimmering candlelight is always desire of many girlfriends on a promise of marriage. Action was proposed to “reserve” a covenant of the couple for a wedding in the near future. These are expressions of love and desire to be with the one you love during the rest of his life.

Nhẫn đính hôn, nhẫn cầu hôn


According to Western culture, before making decisions always appear wedding marriage proposal of the boys for the girls. Any guy you’ve determined the general’s attention, they will prepare sweet words and a ring best suitor. And when the girl decided to put the ring finger of his left hand to men graciously ring on it also means that more prayers were successful and promising wedding soon.

Nhẫn đính hôn, nhẫn cầu hôn

In Vietnam, perhaps by the introduction of Western culture to the youth is also very focused on screen marriage proposal, considering it is a very important milestone, marking a great ending for the love of themselves.


Generally, male suitors. Because the concept ever, men of “masculine” and the initiative in all things, especially about suitors. In Vietnam, this is especially true, when the woman has not received any signals yet men suitors surely love no perfect ending. Therefore, men should be subtle and proactively monitor hienj all stages to become the most romantic kiss to his daughter felt the sincerity that you have for her.

Nhẫn đính hôn, nhẫn cầu hôn


Rings suitors (or can call engagement rings) is the central item, key proposal scenarios. If you prepare a romantic setting, where dramatic shimmering matter to forget the thorough preparation, the engagement ring to propose to your monitor probably will not be as successful, receive the consent of the womankind.

Engagement rings, rings suitors

Therefore, instead of through attention to the setting, to the right to say what you need, the top priority is the selection of engagement ring worth, beautiful so that when you open the lid ring, girl your happiness will be breaking in. Therefore, sometimes preparing an engagement ring was more sophisticated and carefully pair of wedding rings.

Engagement rings, rings suitors

However, choosing engagement rings with the same material as yet, the style for the first time why the men would be crestfallen. One of the engagement ring trends wedding season this year on the throne that is the platinum masterpiece natural diamonds.

This is considered the extreme stuff, most luxury materials created by the platinum and diamonds are rare things, the planet’s most precious. In particular, the symbolic significance of the line platinum engagement rings This will cause strong without hesitation because this is two-strength material with time eternal, beyond both gold as evidenced your love for her is eternal, timeless longevity.

Engagement rings, rings suitors

Standing in second place is a masterpiece engagement rings 18K white gold imported from Italy. This is a trend, “stir” this wedding season. And Skymond Luxury firms are honored to always travel with the boys bring masterpieces engagement rings is not only perfect, but also the desire to complete the happiness of couples, making to monitor your suitors will surely succeed.